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Conserve, Preserve & Protect

As a Board Certified Master Arborist, protecting the health of our beautiful trees is as important to me as preventing them from posing risk to property or people. Through Consultation, Risk Assessment and education we can take steps to keep our trees healthy and safe. As one of only 800 Board Certified Master Arborists in the world, you can be assured the guidance and workmanship my company provides is a result not only of years of experience but a broad knowledge of complex ecosystems. 

I invite you to explore all the services I provide to determine which one is right for you, or contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Our expert tree service uses the ISA Risk Matrix to identify unsafe trees. Dead or dying trees can present danger to homes and businesses.

Gain a deeper understanding of your trees. Identify insects, disease, and signs of a dying tree. Get an arborists expert recommendations on tree care.

Expert tree removal, remove trees near buildings or homes. Tree services also include lot clearing, trail cutting and subcontracting. 

Get to know more about our company, credentials and work experience. 

Hemlock Consulting is qualified to help homeowners obtain the Colorado State Forest Service Homeowner Grant Program. See what's involved in creating a Forest Management Program.

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