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Hemlock Consulting

Hemlock Consulting is the product of years of experience, a love for nature and a dedication to learning more about our incredible forests and trees. As soon as I graduated high school I began working in landscaping and tree care, and over a decade later it continues to be my passion. Over the past several years I have dedicated myself to obtaining certifications from the ISA, NALP and TCIA. 

Operating through the state of Colorado, I look forward to meeting you and working together to keep our landscapes, trees and forests safe and healthy.

- Luke Hiotis



If you are looking for professional help, you'll want to find someone who is currently up to date with the most advanced techniques in tree care and is proven to be at the top of their field. A certification is your guarantee that the knowledge and workmanship I provide is of the highest quality. 

Work Experience

  • Foreman of pruning trees and shrubs division for landscaping company (2 years)

  • Owner of Landscaping and Tree Removal company (5 years)

  • Professional Sawyer & Climber for Forestry Company (2 Years)

  • Professional Sawyer and Consultant for Forestry and Arborcare Company (3 Years)

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