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Forest Management Programs

The Colorado State Forest Service offers a Homeowner Grant Program to those with healthy sustainable forests on their property. This program is designed to help the homeowner protect, care for, and manage their forest. 

Programs include Forest Ag, Forest Restoration and Wildfire Risk Mitigation Grant Program, and the Forest Stewardship Program. 

In order to qualify for the Homeowner Grant Program, a homeowner must use a qualified Independent Consultant. Working together, a Forest Management Plan is created and presented to the Forest Service to be approved for the Homeowner Grant Program.

Read below to learn more about the process used to create the Forest Management Plan.

Constructing a Forest Management Plan


Meeting with the Homeowner

The first step in creating a Forest Management Plan is getting to know the Homeowner, their goals for their property, their plans for future use, and any concerns they have regarding their forest.

Some things we will discuss are:

  • Is the Homeowner looking to produce wood products?

  • Has the Homeowner noticed any signs of insects or disease within their forest?

  • What are the primary uses of the land? (Recreational, hunting, etc.)

  • What does the homeowner value most aesthetically? 


Taking Measurements

After meeting with the Homeowner, an onsite visit is scheduled. During this visit measurements are taken using specialized tools, the information gathered is then used to craft the Forest Management Plan.

Some of the measurements taken are:

  • The average tree height is measured using a Vertex Laser Geo Scope.

  • Stand density within the forest is measured with a Prism

  • A comprehensive Soil Study

  • An endangered species study is conducted

  • A Wildfire Burn Intensity Study is conducted.

  • Individual Management Units are created and measured. These Units are used to help break down the property into specific sections and create goals. 


Writing the Plan

The final stage of a Forest Management Plan is writing up the official document. In order to qualify for the Grant, the Management Plan is written so as to meet State Forest Service regulations.

The Forest Management Plan will include:

  • Location and parcel maps

  • Geologic and Climatic characteristics

  • Insects, disease, and invasive plants are documented

  • All measurements and statistics are thoroughly documented

  • Specific recommendations per Management Unit

  • Implementation priority

  • Standards necessary to meet our goal and monitoring practices

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